Installation necessity of cement warehouse roof ESP Concrete mixing station accompanied by a large number of infrastructure construction, increasing attention has been emphasis on progressive development, but due to technical limitations there are many Could steel bar cutting machine manufacturer have been plaguing machinery manufacturers, such as mixing station management and control dust pollution. There are many rows of dust content due to excessive punishment mixing station environmental protection department. Install cement silo dust in concrete mixing station equipment is a relatively eclectic approach, but right now many machinery manufacturers is the use of very large, cement silo filter installation has an important economic value and environmental value. 1, reflecting the economic value: the price of cement is relatively more expensive, is not installed in a warehouse roof ESP state, because the number of wasteful at 100 kilograms. A cement price 0.43 yuan / kg, the waste of resources 43 yuan a day, if you have ten mixing station, then you can save at least 200,000 yuan each year. If you install the warehouse roof ESP, every year we can save a lot of costs. So warehouse roof ESP installation for the economic value of the enterprise is self-evident. 2, reflect the value of environmental protection; With economic development, the states increasing emphasis on environmental protection, pollution of the environment for large companies, will take harsher penalties. In order to ensure our environment can sustainable development, protection of the environment is our clothes it is the responsibility of every business. What is the main function of the concrete mixer? 1, concrete mixer so that the ingredients are stirred sufficiently stirred at the macro and micro level, so that the full integration. 2 to give cement particle agglomeration concrete mold vibrator for sale price phenomenon has been lifted, so that diffusion phenomena to be promoted and developed. 3, the initial hydrate layer film wrap cement particles were destroyed. 4, between the material particles collide sufficient friction to reduce the impact of dust film on the entire system. 5, was full of additives and the occurrence of binding stirred substance, improve quality by mixing substances. These are the main functions of the concrete mixer for small series of introduction, I hope useful to you.