Optimized steel silo common faults 1, steel silo design optimization 1) the material difficulties: a well-designed foundation waterproof structure, strict requirements for ground treatment, pneumatic conveying and air pressure balance must undergo a rigorous drying silo wall tightness must be strictly controlled. And try resorted corridor groundwater level is above the bottom surface. Spout happen to be designed under-sealing valve failure is difficult to discharge when, in order to achieve the feed opening of maintenance and replacement. And design alternate emergency discharge through the material in order Secure Empty small 10cbm concrete mixer truck library, handle unexpected harden the material difficulties and other faults. 2) The warehouse is tilted: Priority rigid foundation and rigid base to ensure uniform feeding stacked, and give priority to a single point of the material way. Although multi-point discharge has its advantages, but due to a mistake or some malfunction artificial feed opening, easy to cause material deflection. Although many point out the material can be used with the appropriate weighing, measuring systems in order to ensure the same quantity of the points, and then to prevent the material partial load, but because of the accumulated error statistics, and human error, the possibility of partial load is actually very high, and its main advantage is due to the discharge port does not happen all at the same time the failure which led to a lot of material stored in the warehouse, helps to reduce the workload and difficulty clearing bank, which has outstanding advantages for a single point of the material is. Also higher multi-point discharge of the discharge rate. In soft soil, or large ground handling costs of the case can be used to allow the settlement of the foundation, but in higher soil bearing capacity of the region, should not adopt a rigid foundation settlement. Therefore, if the permit on the basis of the settlement, style 10m3 concrete mixer truck you must complete a single point of the material system to prevent partial load inside the warehouse, and set the emergency discharge channels and systems. If no settlement rigid foundation, you can use multi-point, multi-corridor discharge system, also need to clear the reservoir with channels. Regardless of the material way, we should give priority to gravity-based material way, in order to reduce the use of energy and maintenance costs, and to the strength of the material flow, supplemented; 3) The capsule should be designed to keep a sufficient safety margin, and the temperature stress and access to material fatigue checking pressure changes, to consider the case under the limits of the material deflection stability and strength requirements cartridge body. The capsule should be subject to certain slightly negative pressure, the maximum snow load, maximum wind load, internal storage of materials skew combined effect of these four load design, the only way is safe. Normally, due to the pressure balancing effect, it does not appear excessive negative pressure within the cartridge case, but because of the pressure balancing system failure may occur, and difficult to perceive in time, even if 6×4 diesel concrete mixer truck there is an alarm device can also detect long-term adverse inevitable after work, and cause an accident. Therefore, it should be under the most unfavorable design load combinations.